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Acclaim Tattoo Removal

Acclaim Tattoo Removal offers advanced treatment options to help you regain healthy and whole skin. Laser therapy is the leading technology in modern tattoo removal. With the Enlighten laser platform, Dr. Ali is able to dramatically reduce the number of treatments needed to fully clear your unwanted tattoo. No matter what the size, age, or color of your piece, our advanced approach can clear anything, and is safe for all skin types.

Dermatologist Sugar Land

We are located in Sugar Land, and offer skilled dermatology services to the Houston Metropolitan area and beyond. We are conveniently located near the Southwest Freeway and Route 99, making it easy for anyone to find us.

Our office offers a full range of services, including medical, cosmetic, surgical, and research. You can refine and improve your overall image while your tattoo fades into nothingness. Our friendly and professional team will help you decide on the best course of treatment to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion while you work towards clear skin.

Whether you are trying to present a more professional image, you want to erase all reminders of your last relationship, or you are simply ready for a change, we are here to help

When something has outlived its usefulness, you shouldn’t have to continue living with it. This should apply to everything, including an unwanted tattoo. Contact our office today to make an appointment to remove that tattoo and restore your skin.

Acne Scar Treatment

Erase the pockmarks, pitting, discoloration, and craters left behind after severe acne with a collection of modern treatments.

Chemical Peel

Choose between mild, moderate, or deep peel to strip away the damaged outer layer of skin and look years younger.


Smooth away unseemly marks by removing the upper layer of the skin, activating your natural healing factors.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Pulsed laser light helps improve the condition of your skin from the inside out, destroying red and brown spots for even tone.

Laser Hair Removal

Permanently reduce the amount of unwanted hair in embarrassing places with fast, comfortable laser therapy.

Scar Revision

Scars from injury or surgery can be altered to be less visible and allow you more mobility and quality of life.

Skin Resurfacing

Look younger and healthier by eliminating signs of aging and sun damage while stimulating collagen production.

Tattoo Removal

A unique dual-frequency, dual pulse duration laser removes all colors of ink faster and more effectively than any other system.

Acclaim Dermatology

We specialize in tattoo removal and skin aesthetics! We offer a wide range of services from acne scar treatments to laser tattoo removals!

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Sugar Land, TX 77469

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Richard N.

“Over time, what I’d thought was a hilarious joke tattoo became an embarrassment.
Acclaim helped me fix that mistake. Now nobody will laugh at me (or it) anymore.”


Nik L.

“They mean it when they say this isn’t as bad as getting the tattoo in the first place.
Dr. Ali and his team really know what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff.”


Maryanne F.

“My job doesn’t allow visible tattoos. I got tired of hiding under long sleeves and jackets in the heat.
A few weeks after the first treatment, I can already see improvement!”